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Big Announcement!
Big Announcement!
The TMC Bond Market Course is here.

If I could go back to when I started my career in financial markets and change one single thing, it would be fast-tracking my learning journey into bond markets.

The main issue? A gigantic lack of high-quality educational material.
Yes, you can get the basic mechanics: how to calculate bond prices, what’s duration, and all that.

But what about how the bond market really works?

What are the macro drivers behind bond yields?
Who are the biggest players in this market and what drives them?
Where can I get a primer on what the yield curve really signals?

I could only find the answers after years of privileged access to insider-only knowledge given my job and the resulting access to a vast network of mentors, hedge fund PMs, Wall Street top macro minds and so on.

But that knowledge gap you still might experience ends today.

I am proud to announce the TMC Bond Market Course!

Education has always been at the forefront of The Macro Compass, and here I threw the kitchen sink at it: the aim of this course is to use my experience in the trenches to break down the bond market so that you can fully master it.

The course contains ~4 hours of high-quality educational content:

  • A two-fold structured way that will help you make sense of bond markets;

  • A deep dive into the macro and technical aspects of the front-end and back-end of bond markets;

  • A primer on the yield curve and a focus section on credit spreads.

You can watch the lessons whenever you prefer - also at higher speed and with captions.
And you can download not only the supporting material, but also a very detailed set of slides directing you to public sources (!) where you can track and work with all the data we show in the course!

You must be asking: all of this for how much?

The full price for the course is EUR 499, but to reward you as one of the 138,000+ loyal TMC readers on Substack I decided to offer a time-limited, spot-limited discount!

The first 500 readers who will purchase the Bond Market Course using the discount code BOND500 will get a chunky 25% off and hence pay only EUR 374.25!

The highest value-for-money bond market education is waiting for you: come and enjoy the TMC Bond Market Course.

Be amongst the first 500 readers to claim your chunky 25% discount using the coupon ‘‘BOND500’’ at checkout!


For more information, you can visit this dedicated page.

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