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Hey, this is Alf - the Founder & CEO of The Macro Compass, and former Head of Investments for a large European bank.

In December 2021 I quit the industry and started The Macro Compass to bridge the gap between Wall Street and regular investors with educational macro insights and actionable portfolio strategy.

The response has been incredible: in only 12 months The Macro Compass has become one of the biggest macro newsletters in the world with over 135,000 subscribers.

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While valuable, a newsletter is not nearly enough to fill the gap of macro knowledge, portfolio construction, risk management and access to data and tools between financial institutions and regular investors.

For this reason, from January 2023 The Macro Compass will graduate from a newsletter to a comprehensive macro platform.

A weekly educational FREE piece will still be published once a week on Substack.

But starting January 2023, getting access to The Macro Compass premium and more frequent content will require a paid subscription.

Check out which subscription tier suits you the most, and come join this exciting macro learning journey.

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Looking forward to see you onboard this macro learning journey together!

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Founder & CEO of The Macro Compass, a disruptive investment strategy firm whose mission is to bring you through a learning journey that will allow you to step up your macro game. Former Head of a $20 billion Investment Portfolio.